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Old June 1st, 2001, 05:31 PM   #1
Gonzalo M.
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Info needed on the towing hook hack and the ...

one touch up device for the soft top. If someone could post the tow hook hack along with pictures, if possible. As far as the one touch up soft top mudule im verry interested in getting one if possible, can anyone post a contact?, price?. Thank You.
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Old June 1st, 2001, 07:37 PM   #2
Tool Pants
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Something like this? *NM*

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Old June 1st, 2001, 07:51 PM   #3
Magic Mtn Dan
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Here's the Towing Eye Hack developed by me and Tool Pants...

at a BABBLERS get-together. Special thanks to Dick Keenly who was courageous enough to let us work on his Boxster and do this hack.

The Towing Eye Hack enables you, the owner, to open the front trunk quickly, when the battery is dead. It's the fastest way to gain access to your front trunk if/when your battery is dead.

Disclaimer: the Towing Eye Hack is for Boxster owners only. Non-owners should never pull the Towing Eye Cap to see if the owner did this hack. If this hack is ever utilized for evil purposes the evil-doer will surely go to a very hot place for all eternity.

Tools needed:
* Wire coat hanger
* Wire cutter (dykes)
* Flashlight
* Wire ties (plastic straps used to bundle wires)

1. Remove Towing Eye Cap in front bumper
2. Open front trunk
3. Loosen spare tire in front trunk - loosen the wing nut in the middle of the spare tire
4. Remove tool kit behind spare tire
Note: Feel free to check your Owner's Manual for Instructions on removing and reinstalling your Boxster's headlights. Do not follow these instructions to remove and reinstall the headlights if they're wrong Reading instructions before doing work will take time and it may also cause dryness of the mouth, headaches and paranoia
5. Locate Headlight Removal Tool in tool kit
6. Release trunk liner (carpet)in the area inside the front trunk on the passenger side
7. Remove the rubber plug that covers the access hole to the headlight release on the passenger side
8. Insert Headlight Removal Tool into the hole engaging the nut
9. Rotate the Headlight Removal Tool and release the headlight
10. Remove headlight - Litronics headlights require releasing the plug while standard headlights unplug themselves when they slide out
11. Headlight slides out/forward - note the round tabs on the headlight that slide in tracks mounted inside the headlight area in the car
12. Place the headlight somewhere safe from falling and damage
13. Locate front trunk emergency release wire which is taped to the side of the trunk inside the headlight opening
14. Pull the front trunk emergency release wire free of the tape
15. Get a wire coat hanger and cut a piece about 10" long - make a small hook (small 'U' shape) in one end
16. Insert the hooked end into the Towing Eye hole in the front bumper
17. Using a flashlight if necessary, move the emergency trunk release wire so that you can hook it with the coat hanger hook - hook the trunk release wire in the middle of the wire, not the loop handle
18. Once you've hooked the emergency trunk release cable with the coat hanger, pull the coat hanger hook back out of the towing eye so that a loop of the emergency trunk release wire comes out the hole (it's not necessary to pull it all the way out)
19. Using a wire tie, loop it around the emergency trunk release wire and around the "fishing line" that is used on most Boxsters to connect the Cap to the bumper. If your Towing Eye Cap does not have the fishing line (meaning your Towing Eye Cap is loose) then you can run the wire tie through the round hole in the Towing Eye Cap meant for the fishing line.
20. Your wire tie should now be looped around the emergency trunk release wire and the fishing line in the Towing Eye Cap. Keep the loop of the wire tie large - there's no need to tighten it so the emergency release wire is pulled tight to the Towing Eye Cap. You'll want there to be a length of wire tie.
21. Push the loop of exposed emergency trunk release wire back into the hole, tuck the wire tie back into the hole and put the Towing Eye Cap back into place in the front bumper.
22. Use your wire coat hanger to fish the emergency trunk release wire handle (the wire has a loop handle) and pull it back towards where it was taped in place - it won't reach that spot any more but you just want to find a place to tuck the emergency trunk release wire and loop handle out of the way where it won't snag on anything.
23. Replace the headlight making sure the tabs slide back in the tracks.
24. Once it's back in place you'll need to use the Headlight Removal Tool to latch the headlight securely back into place. You'll need to hear a snap or "pop" that indicates the headlight is latched securely. Check it by tugging on the headlight to make sure the headlight is locked back in place and won't come flying out when you stop the first time you drive your Boxster.
25. Replace the Rubber Plug and the trunk liner back in place.
26. Pack up your tool kit and replace it behind the tire
27. Tighten up the nut holding the tire in place
28. Check your headlight to make sure it's securely locked in place
29. Next time your battery is dead (unfortunately, it's only a matter of time before it happens) don't get concerned . Remove the Towing Eye Cap, pull the wire tie out of the hole and pull on it to pull the emergency front trunk release wire out (no need to pull it all the way out). Pull on the emergency front trunk release wire and unlock your front trunk.
30. Jump start your car or charge your battery. Think about how much easier this is than other solutions.

Send MMD (me) amd Tool Pants an e-mail telling us how clever and helpful this hack is.

Come back to the BABBLERS Board frequently for more wonderful Boxster stuff!

Note: in the picture, the wire tie has been pulled too tight - leave the wire tie long (with a big loop in it). This Towing Eye Cap does not have the "fishing line" that the factory puts on Boxsters now to make sure the Cap does not get lost when removed.

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Old June 2nd, 2001, 11:46 AM   #4
Lemmy Caution
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You guys are brilliant

Mischeivous but, brilliant.
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Old June 2nd, 2001, 01:54 PM   #5
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I second the brilliant motion!

Just did this hack - had to be the easiest one I've attempted!
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Old June 2nd, 2001, 05:27 PM   #6
Magic Mtn Dan
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Thanks but it's NOT the easiest hack! This one is...

The "Rolling Top Hack" (not invented here).

1. Locate the Top Relay (in the relay panel above the Fuse Panel)- it's the largest relay there
2. Remove the Top Relay
3. Locate Pin #18
4. Bend Pin #18 over into the open area on the relay
5. Re-install the Relay
6. There is no step six

Result of the "Rolling Top Hack" - you can now drop your top while the car is rolling as long as you pull up on the emergency brake handle (one click is all it takes to actuate the switch in there).

Caution, use at your own risk. Do not drive too fast while operating the top. Do not raise or lower the top in an unsafe manner. If you do any damage I am not responsible.
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Old June 2nd, 2001, 08:04 PM   #7
Tom M (Sunol, CA)
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Gee Dan, I think *this* is the easiest hack

The "Red Clip" Hack
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Old June 2nd, 2001, 11:57 PM   #8
Magic Mtn Dan
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Maybe but it voids your car's warranty! *NM*

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