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Old April 4th, 2002, 06:42 PM   #1
Marc Stokeld
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new owner tire questions

I have several tire questions(tire are shot on my new purchase).After reading the archives here and on PPBB, I still do not know what to do. Any experiencse would eb greatly appreciated.

Car use will include street cruising (mostly), DE, and possibly auto cross.

1. Is there any advantage to going with wider tires? BTW I have 17" rims. The guy at tirerack.com said wider tires up front MAY be SLIGHTLY better, but he felt the rears were pretty much at maximum width.

2. Are 18" rims and tires mostly for looks, or do you really get a performance advantage ?

3.Now the big one: what brand? As a driver who has no formal training and has a lot to learn, is there any advantage to going with premium tiers(ie SO-2's or SO-3's)? Or would I be just as well off right now with cheap tires(Sumitomo HRZ II or Kumho 712)? I can't drive up to the car's potential, so I am wondering just how much I would appreciate the Bridgestones at this point. If I go with the cheap tires, any suggestions between Sumitomo's or Kumho's? Tirerack guy suggested the Sumos.

Thanks for your help, and again, I appologize for asking the same old questions again. But they are new to me.
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Old April 4th, 2002, 07:31 PM   #2
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Re: new owner tire questions

1. It is my understanding the width of the tires and the size difference between the fronts and the back in different combo -- change -- over and under steer.

2. I cannot say for sure but I was told by the driver of the Boxster S that got 3rd at SCCA Nationals last year that he gains about a second on his runs running 18's over 17's.

3. I have Kumho's and they rock... I like them better than the P-zero's and the pilots... Bob C made a good post about this -- here is the relevant part.
Don't listen to your dealer regarding the Kumhos. It is my experience that those people who have moderate driving skills or less (including myself) actually find an improvement in real-world performance when switching to the Kumhos (or Sumitomos, for that matter). The reason is that the handling characteristics of the Kumhos are far more progressive than the handling characteristics of the S02/S03s/etc. With the steering wheel in Allan McNish's hands, the Bridgestone’s would yield faster lap times. With the steering wheel in *my* hands, the Kumhos would yield faster lap times. FWIW.

Link to PPBB discussion
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