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How to replace a 4 spoke steering wheel with a 3 spoke

Replaced my '97 4 spoke with a 3 spoke from a '00 S. Some people wanted to know how to put on the new wheel on the splined steering wheel shaft so that it is straight, and not off to the left or right. Thanks to Chris at AB for this tip.

Remove air bag. Never let the air bag hang from the connector or you will break the plastic prongs for contact ring. Remove 24mm nut and spring washer that holds the wheel to the shaft. Do not pull the wheel off yet. You need to make a scribe mark on the end of the shaft first.

There is a square hole just above and below the shaft. The the black plastic prongs for the contact ring fit through these holes. Scribe a mark on the end of the shaft that corresponds to the center of the top square hole, or use a dab of white out as your mark. Pull old wheel off.

When you put on the new wheel you use the mark on the end of the shaft as an alignment mark for the square hole on the new wheel. As you put the new wheel on make sure that the plastic prongs for the contact spring are poking through the square holes or you will break them.

Hook up the wires for the horn and tip, if you have a tip. Replace spring washer and nut. Tighten nut to 34 foot pounds. Hook up connector to air bag and tighten air bag screws to 7.5 foot pounds if you have a tool to do that.

Top pic is a close up of my 4 spoke, middle is my 4 spoke, and the bottom is the new 3 spoke.


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